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Being able to recognise a problem within your vehicle quickly is essential; Phoenix Motor Centre Ltd specialise in identifying issues and take a considerable amount of attentiveness when resolving them! How Do We Do This?
  • Full MOT’S
  • Emissions tests
  • Electrical tests
As electrical systems within cars become more and more complex, we believe it is imperative to have yours on top form, as not to hinder your driving experience. The electrical systems assist in the engine management, right to the locking of the doors! So we rigorously test these systems to ensure your safety and security worries become a thing of the past…
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Engine Diagnostics
Phoenix Motor Centre Ltd utilises state-of-the-art car engine diagnostic equipment to test and maintain your engine. This highly advanced computerised system allows us to accurately identify and isolate issues with the vehicle engine management system, fuel system and ignition system. Problems with the vehicle engine management, fuel & ignition systems may cause:
  • Problematic or difficult starting
  • Loss of performance and slow or sluggish acceleration
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Engine misfires
  • Intermittent or occasional stalling of the engine
  • Engine overheating
  • Illumination of the check engine light
  • MOT test exhaust emissions failure due to excessive CO
  • (Carbon Monoxide) or HC (Hydrocarbon) and NOX (Nitrogen of Oxides) content in exhaust gas.
Emissions Testing The emissions test is an important part of the MOT, and if your vehicle fails we have the equipment and expertise to ensure the problem is rectified promptly. Electrical Testing As vehicle electrical systems become more complex and critical to a vehicle’s operation and performance, it is increasingly important to check the electrical system within your car. Your car’s electrical system should be completely checked and tested for any type of driveability problem at every service or at least every two years. At Phoenix Motor Centre Ltd, we specialise in electrical diagnosis for charging, starter, battery or complex injection and ignition systems. Our electrical tests include:
  • Engine management systems
  • All types of ignition systems and vehicle electrics
  • ABS systems – test & adjustments to: speed sensors, modulators, relays, solenoids and pump assemblies
  • SRS systems – interrogating ECM units, fault codes, airbags, clock springs, warning light checks, crash sensors
  • General motor vehicle electrics
  • Central body electrics (central door locking systems)