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Air Con ReGas

Car Aircon Regassed Just £60

Professional air-con recharge from Phoenix Motor Centre.

  • Cooler air-con temperatures
  • Better fuel economy
  • Save up to 60% on main dealer prices
  • Trading Standards approved garage
  • Same day appointments
  • Regas while you wait


Why do I need to top up my car’s A/C

Over time, refrigerant will leak from your car’s air conditioning system. This results in a loss of cooling & fuel economy as the engine works harder to power the under-gassed air-con. Re-gassing or recharging your air conditioner replaces the lost gas so the system works efficiently and can cool your car properly.


How do I know if my air-con needs recharging?

The obvious symptem that your air-con is low on refrigerant, is that it is blowing warm air, rather than cold. Some cars automatically disable the air-conditioner when the refrigerant level drops to prevent damage to the system. In this case, it will no longer cool at all. It is also recommended that you refill your air con every 2 years to replace any refrigerant that has leaked from the system.

  • Warm air from air-con
  • Higher than normal fuel consumption
  • Warning light
  • Air Con not working
  • 2 year since last regas


How much will it cost to regas my aircon?

We charge £60 for a regas which covers the majority of cars.

Some very new models (2017 onwards) use a different type of gas (1234YF). This gas is more expensive, so the cost of a recharge is £160.

To book your regas, just give us a call!


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